Grantstown Lake

Managed by National Parks and Wildlife Service, Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, this woodland nature reserve is 58 hectares in size. At its heart lies Grantstown Lake, one of the few natural lakes in County Laois. Fish found in the lake include Perch, Pike, Eel, Rudd and Tench. The fishery is managed in partnership with Durrow and Cullohill Parish Anglers Association.

The angling on the lake is controlled by Durrow and Cullohill Parish Anglers Association. All fishing stands on the lake are wheelchair friendly. Fishing on the lake is by permit only. Membership is as follows: Yearly Permit: €30.00 Day Permit: €10.00; Juvenile for the year is €5.00 OAP with ID for the year is €5.00.

Membership cards can be purchased from the following outlets: Susan Lawlor, Gala Shop, Durrow. Tel: 057 8736234; Audrey Ryan, Daybreak Shop, Durrow. Tel: 057 8736270; Matt Doyle, Ballacolla.Mob: 086 0537356; Mountrath Angling Shop: Tel: 057 8732162; Oliver Lawlor, Lawlors Gardens, Durrow. Tel: 057 8736101. Mob: 085 2348425; Michael Walsh, Erkindale Drive, Durrow. Tel: 057 8736437. Mob: 085 1080455.

The club would like to thank the following for their input into getting the amenity up and running: Inland Fisheries Ireland, The Pike Fishing Federation of Ireland, Matt Doyle and Michael G. Phelan, Laois Partnership Co, Without their input into this project this facility would not be up and running.

Fishing Rules:

1. The gate will be locked at the time stated on the sign at the entry gate. Anglers failing to be out by the time stated will incur a penalty of 20€. Tel: 087 2651478.
2. All hooks for the fishing of Rudd, Perch, Eel or Pike must be barbless. It is strictly catch and release only. No killing of fish is allowed. 
3. Vehicles are not permitted past the steel barrier at the car park area. Car park must be used at all times. All gates and road access must be kept clear for emergency access. 
4. Fishing is permitted from the official stands only. 
5. Fishing is not permitted from any other area of the lake shore or water. 
6. No fishing is permitted past the last official stand and no fishing after the appointed time. 
7. Water sports are not permitted on the lake. 
8. Swimming or wading is not permitted on the lake. 
9. All angling equipment must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after being used in other water bodies prior to use at Grantstown Lake. 
10. Pike are very important to the ecosystem of this lake. They must be returned as soon as possible to the lake. Return the Pike from the side of the fishing stands only. 
11. The aim of the angling club shall be to foster goodwill among the anglers, walkers and the local community using this amenity. To teach the youth of the area angling skills and sportsmanship and to do all in its power to preserve this amenity for our descendants.


You can download a brochure of the Angling Centre and Walking Trails... [CLICK HERE]

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